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Thursday, November 17, 2005 

The BEST Podcast - November 2005

AT News
Upcoming Conferences
  • ATIA – January 18-22, Orlando FL
  • TRLD – Jan 26-28
  • CSUN – March 20-25, 2006, Los Angelos
  • NECC – July 5-7, San Diego
Top tips to get the most out of a conference:
  • Bring pre-made labels to supply to vendors
  • Share handouts
  • Find out if handouts are online – get them all
  • Talk with vendors about ‘special sessions’
  • Check with vendors for booth presentations
  • Check with vendors for free updates to software (MOBS)
  • Check with vendors on price, many offer significant reductions if you purchase at the conference, consider having prearranged to make some purchases
  • Have a backup session in mind for a given time slot, don’t be afraid to leave a session that isn’t meeting your needs
  • If the vendor area is open ahead of the conference, plan to attend, it is a good time to take a quick look
  • Network with other conference attendees, you can learn a lot from each other and share content from sessions
Product/Tech Review
New products introduced at CTG… courtesy of Jeannette Van Houten from QIAT Listserv

  • Able Net. Inc.: has improved their slim armstrong. If you have not checked out the following items, they are worth a look: MEville to WEville and Star Reporter. The MEville to WEville and Star Reporter are complete units that teachers have created. Able net also has a new switch Jelly Beamer™ wireless switch.
  • Widget the company that has brought you writing with symbols has 3 new products on the market. The one that really WOW’d me was the first symbol-supported web browser. It turns any web page into symbol based text. You can check it out at the .
  • Intellitools is now offering a few upgrade to Intellipics Studio which now contains the old Intellipics. They also have some new overlays that work with many other programs, such as Kurzweil, SOLO, AOL, Kidspiration/Inspriration, Itunes, and others.
Other Up and Coming Products

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Next show
  • Caroline Van Howe/David Dikter to talk about ATIA and the ATIA Conference
  • More device reviews

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